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This memorial website was created in loving memory of our son, Ryan O'Connor who was born in Australia on October 25, 2005 and passed away on December 22, 2007 at the age of 2. Forever in our hearts. 

Ryan loved so many things. Trucks were definitely a highlight in his life. Every trip to the shops, the park, the library would invoke excited cheers from the back seat “Look, truck, truck!” This would continue on until he reached his destination with the occasional cry out of “bus, bus!” At these times we were very thankful we didn't live in a large city. 

Music was a large part of Ryan’s life. The Wiggles were his major influence. So much so, they were the first thing he thought of when he woke in the morning. He would turn up at my bedside, grabbing my hand, saying “Wiggles, Wiggles, come on Mummy”. Eventually coaxing me out to the lounge room where he would sit patiently on the lounge waiting for me to get the T.V going. On seeing and hearing the familiar show, loud “Hoorays!” would erupt.

Ryan made friends easily….even though he often led them astray.   A friend's son, Shane quickly became his partner in crime. Like the time Shane's father came home from work at 2am, looking forward to a hot shower only to discover there was no hot water because Ryan and Shane had snuck around to the hot water service sometime through the day and turned it off.  Another time, he went to his garage and found his motorbike covered in greasy slimy peanut butter finger prints….now I wonder who was responsible for that?

The library was another highlight of his life. Every Wednesday Nanma would take both him and Tegan (Ryan's older sister) for story time. Every session would begin the same, with his favourite song – the Wiggly Woo. As soon as the music began Ryan would dance about excitedly. His dance moves were highly original and he would sing at the top of his lungs – despite really only knowing the chorus. It was very entertaining to watch and the end of the song always came too soon.

Ryan took after his father when it came to food….overly fussy. If you tried to offer him anything other than big biscuits with cheese, fish fingers, Nuggets, Yoghurt or Fruit – it quickly became a projectile missile or his latest art creation all over the table.

Waiting for the toast to pop was one of his favourite things. Counting 1,2,3…POP over and over again…and when it finally did POP there would come a cheer of “I did it!” Who would have thought that cooking toast could be so much fun!

Ryan never knew a day without love. His open-mouthed, spontaneous laughter reflected the joy he saw in everything. It was genuine, infectious, and was a beautiful thing to hear.

He was such a strong, sturdy boy, with his mother’s mouth, and his father’s eyelashes, that only the boys seem to get. Many a time he would trip and fall and all who saw would be waiting for the tears to come - but not Ryan. Up to his feet he would spring, barely slowing down at all. He would be more concerned about the dirt on his hands than the blood from the graze on his knee.

Ryan never missed a chance to get his hands dirty though. If dad was working on the car, putting a table together, fixing an electrical appliance – there would be Ryan. Watching on in wonder and passing dad tools, nails, nuts and bolts which he believed would fix the problem. He would return inside afterwards with a look of accomplishment on his face, telling me “he did it!” 

In the short time Ryan was with us, he has taught so much to so many  people.  I wish that everybody could look at the world through the eyes of Ryan. Accept each other, be compassionate and kind, enjoy the moment you are in. Dance like no one is watching, sing - even though you don’t know the words, and if you fall down….get up and keep on walking.

for support or information about drowning awareness www.hannahsfoundation.org

Angel Ryan

God created the heavens and the wind in the trees,

He gave us sun in the morning and the big bumblebees

After all of this beauty, God kept on tryin'

So he created an angel and named him Ryan.

Ryan came to us one day in October,

A  bright bonnie baby we'd always remember.

This little one wanted so much to live,

No one could imagine how much he would give.

This small little angel showed us a way,

To find the joy of living each and every day.

Forever our lives were never the same,

Filling up days with laughter and games.


 A few favourite things this angel had too,

Like corn thins, chippies and cold Mountain Dew.

He had only one speed and that was flat out,

Loved calling out "Truck!" when traveling about.


This angel named Ryan, so loved you could see,

by Mummy, Daddy and his whole family.

He thrived and he grew beyond expectation,

This work of the heart, God's lovely creation.

Then as God planned, he called Ryan home,

But he promised the family they were never alone.

See, love is a spirit that grows within you,

as we live every hour, we remember him too.

Though we can't kiss him or caress his sweet face,

We can still one day see him in a beautiful place.

Where all children are happy and angels abound

This is where our little Ryan is found.


Living on earth just won't be the same,

Without our little angel, Ryan's his name.

Some day we'll find him, when it's our name God calls,

With cheese on his face and singing Wiggles.



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Sending All My Love   / Mummy
His eyes were dim and glassy as he gazed into the sky I knew he was getting weaker I knew that he would die. The Lord wrapped his arms around him and took him by the hand He said "Come with Me my darling to God's Eternal land. The years have pas...  Continue >>
An Angel's Birthday   / Mummy
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Memories of Ryan  

Ryan's Footprints on

our Hearts

One summer afternoon at Nanma and Poppa's house, Ryan was playing happily in the sandpit when his play was interrupted by some ants. He promptly found a sand sifter to hit them with and screamed at the top of his lungs triumphantly “I got you!” over and over.

Whenever he was unable to open something – like a pop top drink - or get something to turn on – such as the organ – he would state clearly with his palms facing up “It’s not working!”

When it was bath time, he would come running down the hall saying “Rain!” “Rain!” - his way of asking for the shower over the bath to be turned on.

Driving around looking at Christmas lights and he would be cheering “Tegs! Tegs! Look!” and “Wow!” and the occasional “Santa Claus!”

We had just started potty training and whenever he saw anyone go to the toilet he would come too to sit on his potty. Only problem was, he wanted to be stripped completely naked every time!

Riding his bike along the Strand and when he would come to a slight uphill slope he would say “push, push!”

If anyone looked sad he would go up and hug them saying “you ok?”

He found a lot of joy in turning the Numlock key on the computer keyboard on and off as a light would go on and off.

Whenever something fell to the ground…..it didn’t fall according to Ryan, it “crashed!”

Ryan insisted on shutting doors. If he walked past an open door, he would have to stop and shut it. “Shut door?” he would say, looking at me for approval. It wouldn’t matter what I said – that door was being shut by hook or by crook. Sometimes it would take us a few minutes to get down the hallway in the mornings because he would have to stop and shut every door on the way.

At the library, Ryan would rarely sit still and listen to the story, rather he would climb on top of the tables behind Belinda, the story teller, and start dancing, always the centre of attention, huge grin on his face.

If you asked Ryan for a kiss you would either get a forehead tilted forward for you to kiss or he would plant an open mouth slobbery kiss on your cheek.

His dummy was a security item for Ryan and was often difficult to get from him but more often than not, if you asked for his dummy, he would happily give it to you – for a short time anyway.

Ryan slept with a blue cuddly bear blanket since his birth. He could not get to sleep without it. Most mornings he would come out of his room with it in his arms. The occasional time he would forget it, he would turn and run down the hall “blankie, blankie!” he would announce quickly returning with it tucked under his arm and his dummy placed firmly between his lips.

Ask Ryan where his belly button was and he would promptly find it for you. Lifting his shirt and cheering “there it is!”

Many occasion when I thought I had 2 minutes to myself and had ducked to the toilet, I would hear Ryan wondering around the house saying "Muuummmyy...where are yoooou?" over and over. 

Walking along the strand early one morning, Ryan disappeared into a garden bed.  I walked on a few steps thinking he would come straight out but he was unable to be seen.  I called his name and told him to come out and he kept responding "ooooook" everytime.  Eventually I had to go in after him and found him standing there with a cheeky smile on his face in amongst the bushes.

My best memories of Ryan were when we came out to visit in Dalby and Nick and Tegan were taking  turns being the driver on the little electric quad bike up and down the outdoor paved area. Ryan was hot on their tails running along in his walker, back and forth, back and forth not even caring that the other kids weren't waiting for him, so much energy!  (Charmaine O'Connor)

When we saw him in September 2007,  we hadn't seen him since he was, at a guess 8-9months old, and he was now nearly a two year old but as soon as he jumped out of the car he ran up and gave us big cuddles.  I remember he thought that Colin growling and stamping his feet like a monster was the funniest thing.  On that same visit we had just had the carpets shampooed and Ryan got hold of a can of coke and ran straight to the lounge room with it and of course promptly spilt it and left a stain. I was pretty annoyed but now when I see it poking out from under the rug it just makes me smile and I don't think I'd ever have the heart to get it cleaned.  Then we all went out to Warwick for a combined birthday bbq for Nick, Daniel and Ryan. Even though it was for all of them Ryan sat up the head of the table and quickly turned it into a celebration just for him. I'll never forget him clapping his hands with a massive smile on his face while we sang happy birthday! I do remember that blowing the candles out wasn't the easiest task for him though.  I remember watching him go for a piggy back ride with Colin around the shed at Pam's place with a huge smile on his face and doing his best to keep up with all the bigger kids.   Marge and John kept getting annoyed with him cause he kept going in and out the back door, slamming it every time.  I think the more they said no the harder he pulled it closed behind him, cheeky bugger!  (Charmaine O'Connor)

Ryan loved the song "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit".  Whenever it came on the radio while in the car, he would start pushing his arms up into the air above his head.  I can still envisage him in the rear view mirror doing exactly that. 

Ryan was fascinated with Geckos.  He had just begun saying "gecko" and pointing wide-eyed at them the week before we lost him.

Car keys! He always wanted people's keys!  He would go up to people's pockets and pat them, saying "keys, keys." 

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